Valeriy Patskan: In 2021 the Accounting Chamber carried out more than UAH 2.5 trillion inspections

30.04.2022 09:00

In 2021 audited funds by the Accounting Chamber amounted to over UAH 2.5 trillion. This was announced by the Chairman of the Accounting Chamber Valeriy Patskan based on the results of the approved Report of the Accounting Chamber for 2021.

In particular, the state audited funds amounted to over UAH 592 billion, the funds of compulsory state social and pension insurance foundations – to over UAH 1 trillion 998 billion.

"This is the last pre-war report. It was as if time had stopped. Bombs have not yet fallen on Ukrainian cities, the occupiers have not caused aggression in Gostomel, Mariupol, Bucha and Kramatorsk. Houses, bridges, factories and other infrastructure facilities have not been destroyed yet. Millions of citizens have not yet become refugees. The Accounting Chamber makes sure to maximize the efficient use of every penny. After all, this is of crucial importance under martial law, when the enemy makes every effort to destroy, in particular, the Ukrainian economy,"- the Chairman of the Accounting Chamber said.

Valeriy Patskan noted that since the first quarantine through COVID-19, the Accounting Chamber has maximised the usage of modern IT technologies in its work so that in case of any difficulties that arise, the work of the institution will not stop. "Last year, our auditors audited 490 objects and approved 63 reports. The audits covered all important areas: defence, medicine, education, national security, law enforcement, etc.," he said.

Based on the results of the audits, the Accounting Chamber prepared and sent 538 documents to the executive authorities, institutions, organizations and enterprises for appropriate response. In 2021, based on the results of 18 audits, we sent 21 notifications to law enforcement agencies regarding the defined signs of criminal offences. "As a result of 12 control measures, law enforcement officers have launched 27 pre-trial investigations into criminal proceedings," Valeriy Patskan said.

He noted that the level of implementation of the recommendations and proposals provided by the audits has been high for several years in a row. Thus, by the end of 2021, more than 65% of the recommendations provided in 2020-2021 have been fully or partially implemented. “The quality of cooperation of the Accounting Chamber with other state bodies has significantly improved. If in 2020 the Verkhovna Rada took into account our proposals in 5 laws, so in 2021 – in 7 laws and 13 draft laws. Furthermore, in 2020 the Cabinet of Ministers took into account our proposals in 8 decrees and 7 orders, and in 2021 – in 15 decrees and 11 orders", - the Chairman of the Accounting Chamber added.

Valeriy Patskan stressed that the Accounting Chamber requires all auditees to act in accordance with the law. "And we will not give up. Despite all the difficulties associated with russia's aggression, the Accounting Chamber submits an approved report to the Verkhovna Rada by May 1, as required by the law," he added.

The report of the Accounting Chamber contains the key results of control measures undertaken in 2021, information on ditected violations, the response of control objects to the proposals and recommendations of the institution, information on participation in the budget process. Valeriy Patskan stressed that today every state body is working in new realities, but everyone has one goal and that is the victory of Ukraine. "Ukraine is selflessly fighting the enemy. And we must win this war not only on the battleground: we need to wage many other wars such as a sanctions war, information war, and, by all means, we need to fight on the economic front. The Accounting Chamber will take part in a complex and lengthy process of determining the losses caused to Ukraine by russian aggression. This process is the key to collecting reparations in the future. The aggressor has to fully repay for all his crimes, for all the damage caused!" – the Chairman of the Accounting Chamber emphasized.