Delegation of the Accounting Chamber took part in the Young EUROSAI Conference in Stockholm

16.09.2022 17:00

Delegation of the Accounting Chamber took part in the Young EUROSAI Conference, which took place in Stockholm on 12-15 September 2022 bringing together 74 representatives from supreme audit institutions of 36 countries.

The main purpose of the Conference was the experimental culture, after all in a rapidly changing society it is important in a rapidly changing society, it is important that SAIs seek new methods and ways of working to stay relevant today and in the future.

Among the topics discussed during the meeting included: auditing to overcome the COVID-19 emergency situation, how will we audit in the future due to rapid technological progress and changes in all areas; individual improvement of auditors; fighting against the stress; applying interactive visualisation tools in the audit process ets.

In their speeches the lecturers stressed that today an auditor should be curious, open, in particular for new ideas, to think outside of standard, do not be afraid to make mistakes, trust peers, skillfully apply modern technologies. They also identified the reasons that often prevent specialists to think outside the standard and find new ones. Among them: there is too much control and stress, and there is too little trust from managers/ peers.

In the framework of the Conference Helena LINDBERG, the Auditor General of the Swedish National Audit Office met and communicated with participants. She shared with her view on leadership and experimental culture at the SAIs.

According to her words to be a leader means constantly interact and communicate with people. "Every month, we gather as a whole team not only to inform about what is happening in our SAI, but above all for interaction and dialogue. We share ideas. It is extremely important to be able to listen", Ms. Lindberg said.

On implementation of experimental culture the Auditor General of the Swedish National Audit Office noted: “We have only started on the path. The pandemic has forced us to develop new practices and to really evaluate what the digitalization means for us.”

After her speech the Ukrainian delegation talked to Helena LINDBERG and presented her greetings and souvenirs in the memory from Valeriy PATSKAN, the Chairman of the Accounting Chamber.

In Stockholm participants of the Conference met Andreas NORLÉN, the Speaker of the Riksdag. During his speech, the Speaker of the Riksdag greeted affectionately the representatives of Ukraine, spoke extensively of the war and assured that Sweden, together with other partner countries, will continue to support Ukraine in order to bring peace as soon as possible.

After the speech, the representatives of the Accounting Chamber talked to the Speaker of the Riksdag and thanked him and the entire Swedish people for the financial and military support of Ukraine. In memory, the Ukrainian delegation presented Andreas Norlen with a souvenir coin of the Accounting Chamber and a postage stamp with Patron, the mine-sniffing dog.

Young EUROSAI 2022 in Stockholm is organized and hosted by the Swedish National Audit Office.

At the Conference the Accounting Chamber was represented by Anna Yashchenko, head of the Communication with Mass Media (Press Service) Unit of the Information Policy Office, Anna Kozlova, senior specialist of the Environmental Protection Activity Control Unit of the Agricultural Industry, Natural Resources Use and Environmental Protection Control Department and Sofiya Kostytska, senior specialist of the Legal Support of the Accounting Chamber’s Activity Unit of the Legal Department.

Note: EUROSAI is the European Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions, which membership stands at 51 SAIs (the SAIs of 50 European States and the European Court of Auditors). The Young EUROSAI (YES) conference has been held every two years since 2013. This is a great opportunity for young auditors to share new ideas and explore solutions to challenges facing supreme audit institutions today and in the future.