Olga Pishchanska: SAIs should encourage government authorities to improve electronic systems

07.02.2024 19:34

Along with the development of the digital state, expenditures for these purposes and, accordingly, the need to monitor the effectiveness of their use are also increasing. Therefore, we consider it particularly relevant to systematically study the level of satisfaction of citizens' and businesses' needs with this form of public service delivery. In this way, supreme audit institutions should encourage government authorities to improve electronic systems, particularly in the area of security.

This was stated by the Chairwoman of the Accounting Chamber Olha Pishchanska at the International Conference: “The Role of Independent Supreme Audit Offices in Improving the Functioning of Modern, Safe and Digital States”, which took place in Warsaw, the Republic of Poland.

The event was also attended by the heads of supreme audit institutions of Czech, Cyprus, Portugal, Spain, Kyrgyzstan, Slovakia, representatives of the European Court of Auditors and the International Criminal Police Organization. The event was dedicated to the 105th anniversary of the establishment of the Supreme Audit Institution of the Republic of Poland.

“By developing a digital state, besides the accessibility and availability of public services, our country cares about fighting against corruption and saving public funds. Ukrainians have access to a wide range of digital services: from making an appointment with a doctor or starting a business to public procurement. There are now 350 of them”, - Olha Pishchanska noted.

The Chairwoman of the Accounting Chamber emphasized that in 2022, based on the results of an analysis of the use of budget funds for e-government, the ACU auditors found the funds allocated for this purpose in the previous two years contributed to the active development of digitalisation and the introduction of new socially important electronic services.

“Cooperation with our partners in the framework of EUROSAI strengthens the role of the Accounting Chamber in the development of quality and security of e-governance. We will appreciate the involvement of our specialists in joint audits on information infrastructure”, - the Chairwoman of the Accounting Chamber pointed out. She stressed that the work of the supreme audit institutions in the field of the digitalisation strengthens people's faith in the government authorities ability to meet the needs and challenges of the times. At once, these auditors' efforts open up new and increasingly effective opportunities to use new technologies for the benefit of society.

Chairwoman of the Accounting Chamber also held a number of bilateral meetings with colleagues from the SAIs, in particular, with the President of the European Court of Auditors (ECA) Mr. Tony Murphy and a member of the ECA Mr. Marek Opiola, the President of the SAI of Poland Mr. Marian Banas, the Secretary General of EUROSAI and the President of the SAI of Spain Mrs. Enriqueta Javega, the Auditor General of the SAI of Cyprus Mr. Odysseas Michaelides, the President of the SAI of Portugal Mr. Jose F. F. Tavares and President of the SAI of Slovakia Mr. Lubomír Andráši. During the meetings the parties discussed the issues of intensifying cooperation, in particular, conducting international parallel audits, exchanging experience, organizing auditors' internships, conducting joint events within the framework of the EU SAIs Contact Committee and the Network of SAIs of the EU candidate and potential candidate countries, which is a part of the Accounting Chamber's European integration steps.